People Helping Others or Helping Yourselves, Which One Are You

People Helping Others or Helping Yourselves, Which One Are You

Do you have the desire to help others? Or you only care about yourself. We have an emotional side either we strong in helping others or helping ourselves. Many people are not aware of where is their strong side. Few people have a strong desire to help other people, serve humanity, and few people only serve themselves, care about their own life and its greatness.

And most people in the world, fall in between. They sometimes help other people and sometimes help themselves. They fall in the middle path category, and it’s the popular path and the most common way people live. most people who grow faster is either commit to help people or commit to helping themselves. They make an extreme path in their life.

Either you will be good at helping people, or good at helping yourself. The middle path, however, many people fall into this category, but they are not the best path for personal growth. In-game simulation, they are the NPC character. Not the heroes or the enemy. Many people choose the middle path because it’s an easy path.

The middle path is popular because it’s easy, it’s easy to get a job then start your income generating career, it’s easier to walk by someone that in need of help, its easier to sleep all day than take care of yourself. They’re not the fastest-growing path. And many people fall into this category.

Let’s take a look at the unpopular path, first path is the path of serving others. They are people who care about this planet and humanity. They have a strong desire to make our lives better for all, what their doing is benefit all humans, they are not interested in taking other people for their own needs. Their inner motivation is helping and serving other people.

People who make helping other their priorities will grow faster than people who do not commit in this area ( middle path ). When you have a strong desire to help other people, you will have a higher motivation than most all people, you know what your action will create good ripples for all of us. If you’re doing your best, it benefits us all on the earth.

For example is google, how many people helped because of this company. Will you cry if google disappeared from this world? Of course, many people will support google’s mission because they are helping this world in information value. And yes google is one of the most growing companies in this world.

The next path is the path of serving ourselves, if you like achieving something, become wealthy, become successful, winning competition, etc then this is the path of serving yourself. The path of serving ourselves is unpopular anyway, so there are only a few people in this category. This person’s life mission is to make their life the best possible, to achieve all their desires.

The path of serving ourselves is one of the fastest growth paths is equal to the path of serving others. The difference is the inner feeling, the path of serving others begins with love motivation, and the path of serving ourselves begins with fear motivation. And the middle path is neutral feeling, they aren’t the most loving, and not the most feared person.

The path of serving ourselves will take whatever way to achieve their desire, even with unethical way like lying, dominant, control, etc. this person will only care about their desire Fulfilled. Even take other people for granted. They will defeat their competition in anyways.

Being honest with yourself, which path that interests you? If you’re interested in serving humanity then you will receive many support and feedback, if you’re interested in helping yourself then you will become very good at achieving what your desire if you fall in the middle path then you aren’t good at either side. You will not good at serving others, and you will not good at serving yourself.

The middle path is the easiest, it’s hard to achieve your desire and succeed in your life, and it’s also hard to serve others and make a better planet for all of us. So if you unconsciously fall in the middle path all this time, it’s wise to rethink your path. Is that the best you can do? The people who help others, and who help their self will live their best, they have no regret in their life. They live in abundance, whether financially, emotionally, etc where people in the middle path hardly achieve.

Which one is better between the path of helping others and the path of helping yourself? I’d say it’s equal. Either path will become effective if one is committed. Don’t force yourself to help other people, if you care only about yourself. Maybe helping others is not your priority, but by helping yourself, you will help others too. If you become a successful businessman, then you already help many people. Even the motivation for business success is your wealth.

If you’re interested in serving the people, then as a reward you will receive much feedback from people, they will help you and support your life whenever you need help or not. Your life will be filled with unconditional love. You will live more easily because you have many people who support you. The only difference between a focus on helping people and a focus on helping yourself is emotional feedback.

The highest risk of only care about yourself is, you will be alone in achieving your dream. Walking your way alone defeat your enemies, and succeed. I believe in the long run people who care only about themselves will arrive at a higher consciousness. They will need people in their life, and if that happens they will likely switch paths to serving the people.

So if you’re on one of these paths, don’t think bad about yourself. Either path will lead to an interesting life and making you grow faster. Just be honest to yourself and commit to your path. Do you want to help others with love and receive support in life, or do you want to achieve all your desires and become king in your world, choose yourself?

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