How to stop daydreaming & Be an Achiever

How to stop daydreaming & Be an Achiever

Do you often daydreaming? If you’re daydreaming then it’s good, why daydreaming is good for us? It’s because you have a desire that wants to be achieved. Daydreaming is better than apathy, where you don’t care about your desire and not taking action about it. There is a negative and positive effect of daydreaming.

If you only dreaming then you’re a dreamer, not taking action about your desire, if you’re apathetic you don’t care about yourself, and your desire is not to match with your emotions. So we must strike to be balanced in both daydreaming and action.

I believe someone who successful they are a dreamer, a dreamer who takes action in their desire. They aren’t apathetic, they care about their higher self, the best version in their life. If you’re not into personal growth, then it’s easy to fall into an apathy state. Growth is the basic improvement in human beings.

Don’t feel bad if you are apathetic though, it’s never too late to change your personality now. The world is too beautiful to be apathetic. Connect with your desire, surround yourself with people that you like and respect. Don’t hang out with people who dislike you. If Surround yourself with people who dislike and disrespect you will degrade yourself & your self-esteem.

If you’re having a job and a bad boss, bad co-worker but you still stay there, it’s easy to become an apathetic person. You have a job you dislike and their environment, it’s bad for your health. It’s wise to quit your job, fire your boss, change your social environment. Therefore you decrease the apathy in your life. Start your own business instead, do what you love, listen to your intuition.

Daydreaming is a major issue if you overdo it, you will always fantasize about what you want to achieve. Whether it’s a beautiful relationship, become a millionaire, etc. your desire will stick in your daydream, it’s not good for your life, one of the effective to overcome this is to be aware that you are a daydreamer. Realize that you want something that beyond your ability to achieve it.

The most effective way to overcome daydreaming is, be serious about your goal. Only fantasize about your desire will not make your desire become a reality. List your goal, write on paper, and be serious that you will make an effort to make it a reality. If you’re not serious about achieving your desire, it will be hard to achieve your desire.

Even a small action that makes your goal closer to you is okay, it’s better than only planning but only plan plan plan, you will be stuck in analysis paralysis. Make habit of an achiever, whenever you have a new desire, achieve it quickly, soon this will become a habit in your life. After you make achieving is habitual, then it will become easy to achieve a new desire, action will become easy for you.

So if you’re want to change yourself, change your daydreaming first. By committing that you will be serious about your goal. A serious person who has a desire, will not easily give up. They will complete their journey, and go on the next journey. If you’re not serious, then your desire will not be achieved, it’s stuck in your imagination. Choose do you want your desire to become a reality or imagination, I tell you something that we badly want and achieve success, is a great feeling.

A winner’s feeling is he who successfully what he want, you will feel great and lucky, imagine that you’ve achieved your goal now, do you regret if you stay in the corner and let time pass by? As we become older, often regrets to build up, and experiences become memories. Do you want the best memories or not? If you want a regretful experience, then be my guess be a daydreamer or apathetic person.
Don’t worry about failure, a fail action is important to our growth. The most important lesson is to fail, so you figure out what works and what not working. If you fail for failure, then you’re already a failure because of not taking action. But if you taking action and then fail, then you learn something. Failed is not a problem for achiever, they aware they will fail a lot to pay for what desire.

After you are serious about your goal, the obstacle will easily be handled by you. You will become proactive in life, you will level up your social life, surrounding yourself with other achievers and learning something useful from them. I remember when I was not competent at something, I surround myself with people who have achieved what I desire, so I can learn from them. Then within a short time, I’m achieving my desire by applying their advice.

If you’re want to become a millionaire, then drop your ego and limiting belief that you can achieve it by yourself. This is a slow approach. If you want to achieve faster, then find people who are a millionaire then apply their advice, this way you can grow faster. Be serious about your goal, or people will hardly help you.

If you’re not serious about your desire, people will know it, they can tell you that you aren’t committed. Be committed to your goal, then you will find that people who achieve their goal will genuinely helpful to your journey. I find this based on my experience.

So do you still want to daydream or living an apathetic life?
Remember time is faster than we aware, the more you delay the more we get older. So now is your only chance to consider whether you want to become a daydreamer or an achiever.

Do you often consider someone is lucky? Maybe they had a beautiful girlfriend, can afford college, have a nice house and car. What you not aware is, they’re all an achiever. Nothing can be gained without achieving. If you’re daydreaming every day, you will not get a nice partner, you can’t afford nice items, and so on. Please don’t do it to yourself. Your willpower is very powerful, very powerful than you may not aware of.

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