What Cause Laziness & How to Overcome it

What Cause Laziness & How to Overcome it

All people have laziness, including people who always hardworking. Are you one of them? Do you often daydreaming that you have much money but in your imagination only, and in reality your life is broken and living in scarcity? Laziness is a normal state, but if you want to move forward with your career, relationship, health, then you can’t be lazy.

There is some way that a laziness mindset benefits us, I call it efficient. People who often lazy are people who want an efficient way to overcome situations. For example, you have writing for your website, you can outsource by hiring a writer for you and some people succeed that way. I already see many novels on amazon that the author is not writing the book themselves, but they sell many and wealthy by outsourcing the content creation.

So laziness is not always bad, it’s the synonym of efficiency. But don’t misunderstand that all problems can be solved by being efficient. If you want to be a successful athlete, you can’t use laziness as a tool, you have to use a hardworking mindset. Some people love laziness, some people love hardworking. The mindset has different results.

If you are being lazy, be aware not all situations can be solved by that. That’s the downside of laziness. Some people are hard workers, but they are not using efficient strategies. They are self-centered, for example, hard-working businessmen only care about themselves, they don’t care about anything except profit and they are hard workers.

The downside is they aren’t connected to other people, they care only about themselves and their career. What they may not be aware of is If this hardworking person uses an efficient mindset, they will be more successful, instead of working alone, they connect with people and make people help their business. Their career will move forward because they are an efficient hard worker.

If you’re being lazy, then you’re not giving your best self. And if you are a hard worker but underestimated the value of efficiency then you are a lonely person, people will ghost you in their life because you only care about yourself. That would be bad for your life if you’re only using one of these tools.

So how to overcome laziness and a hardworking machine? The first solution will be to define your life purpose. What do you living for, what are your most important values? For example, if you a lonely hard worker, consider improving your social life, make new friends, connect with attractive people, involve other people in your job, etc. Make relationship one of your most important values.

If you’re a daydreamer lazy person, be aware that life is too beautiful to pass on. Be aware of your mindset, you can’t live without action. Decrease your social media activities, and grab your career instead. If you miss people then visit them, talk to them connect well in an offline way. Social media is very addictive, it can decrease your productivity in a day.

Both hard worker and efficient must go hand in hand, they have to be used in both. However, this can’t be achieved without knowing your life purpose, and what you value most in life. You must live your values if you want to grow faster, if you’re not having life purpose until now, then you have wasted your life every day.

If you’re an artist, create art that people love, share your results with other people. Don’t keep your art in your house only. If you’re connected well with people, it will be hard to be lazy, and all of your hard work will create ripples in other people. Maybe you’re a lonely musician, then go out and share your beautiful voice with other people, create YouTube channels, compose music that people like, etc.

Involving people in your career will beat laziness and lonely hard worker. Remember, the people you serve will help you financially too, they will buy your creativity, they will give you feedback, and you will grow faster. This can’t be achieved if you’re only hardworking for yourself. You will fall to laziness easily.

That’s why I always tell you, that you must have a clear purpose in life, and you must live your values as early as possible. Time will pass, and we are getting older. As we getting older, the more regret we have in our life. To minimize your regret you must connect with your desires, living your most important values, and walk your life purpose.

In that way, you will become a hardworking person and intelligent efficient person. This mindset will build in your character, and in a long time, it will become a great result in your life. Remember that our time is limited, we are not eternal in this world. So don’t die when your desire is not achieved. Even we are not living a perfect life, we did our best, and your life will become full of great memories.

Efficient & hardworking is a great tool we must-have, this way you will be successful faster, the obstacle will not become your problem, you will pass through them. So choose your career wisely, something that you will not easily bored, your career is your outlet expression of creativity. Your career must be yours, not other people decide for you.

If your career is decided by someone else, you will be lazy, and not hardworking on these. Many people fall on this, they pick a career and major that their parents want, and they are pressured to walk their path. So the result is laziness is your character, and hardworking become a pressure. So don’t do that to yourself.

What happens if you late and realize just now? You have family and kids, etc. well if your family loves you, they will support whatever desire you have, even changing your career and your finances will down. That a situation that you must overcome. But if however your carrier is successful and you become wealthy, your life will be filled with a wonderful path. And this only can be achieved if you’re efficient and hardworking.

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