How do You Define Success? What Is Your Values

How do You Define Success? What Is Your Values

In our life we have heard the word success many times, societies highly value this word. But in reality, many people only know success from social conditioning. Many define success as a wealthy person, but that definition is limited the word success means. If you’re interested in understanding the value of success and why it’s matters then you should read this article.

How do you define success? What makes you think someone is successful and someone is a failure. What you define success as what you believe in your values, if you value money then become wealthy is your definition of success. If you value relationships then have great social support and a genuine lover is your definition of success.

Success is a very broad and general definition, each person has unique values in their life. Why most people fail in becoming a successful person? It’s likely because they define success from social conditioning, they define success as wealth, time is money, etc. They do whatever they do to achieve this social conditioning definition of success.

How many students in college have a wrong major choice? Because their parent forces them in medicine class they have to study it even they don’t like the major they picked. If you ask college graduates its only a small of them consciously pick a major that they are interested in. Social conditioning is very influential, however, if people go with their gut feeling, mostly they are aware that what their parent wants is not important in your life decisions.

I will tell you it’s very hard to succeed, if anybody tells you it’s easy then beware of them, especially if they are selling with a $5 road to easy success. If someone is passionate in their journey even they face hard obstacles their passion will help them go through. But if you pursue a career path that you aren’t valued, you will feel pressured and mostly will give up. And even you’re greatly successful in a major or career path that you don’t value, you will not be a happy person.

How many unhappy doctors out there? How many people get in a job they dislike? A happy passionate person in their career is only a small portion of the world. They are people who creatively giving their value to society. It’s rare to find nerds who passion like bill gates, an athlete with passion like Bruce lee, etc. those people are examples who happy in their definition of success. And most people automatically become wealthy because their passion creates a ripple in society.

Ask yourself, someday you will die and we don’t know our time left. Do you want to work in a career and major that you dislike until you die? Please don’t do that, especially if you live your life and happiness. In that case, you should have clarity about how do you define success, list in paper or ms word what is successful person like for you? Is It someone who has an abundance of social life? Or have great sex? Your definition of success is yours to list, not everybody else.

Then after you have completed the list, post it on your room door, or make it your pc wallpaper. So that you always remember what definition of your success. It does not always have to be a career, even a small goal like Lose your pound and fat is also a definition of success if you’re overweight and want to lose weight successfully.

So it’s important to become aware of How do you define success in early your life. The older we are the more we are likely to have regret, so to minimize your regret you must be more conscious about yourself and your life. Do you have any regret in life? Most regrets come from not doing what you value especially if there opportunity that passes. Something you consider luck but you haven’t taken any action.

When opportunity passes, it’s gone. Like if you find a lover but you’re afraid that you decide not to connect with him/her, then they will be gone from your life and you don’t have life memories with them. So the next whatever opportunity comes, whether it’s a job, relationship, etc be courageously take an action. Become an achiever for what you desire for, become a man living with his success.

In the past, my life path is socially conditioned that having a job is a must, while I valued freedom. So when I finish school instead of becoming an entrepreneur, I become an employee. I can’t afford college and become an employee for a long time. However, after I’m interested in personal development, I realize that I’m on the wrong path. This job is not me, so I started to quit my job and became an entrepreneur.

Even I late and regret my teenage life is wasted in a job I dislike, I’m glad I made a courageous choice. Even my social is not supportive, I have authority in my life. If I’m not taking commands in my direction then my life will be directed by someone else. That one of my definitions of success, it’s becoming an author in your life and live what your passion is.

Lastly, don’t fear failure. If you pursue your path and you failed, then let it be. People may mock you, or tell you to quit your desire. But if you keep doing and learning for a long time you will eventually succeed. What happens to bruce lee if you tell him to quit martial arts and becoming an employee? I’d bet he will answer instead of becoming an employee he will make you his student.

Someone who is walking the talk so very valuable, they are someone who you can trust. If you’re becoming one of these people, people will trust you because of your honesty. And if you already achieved your desire, people who mock you in the past may reach you to ask you to teach them how to connect with their desire.

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