How to Make Our Brain Smarter And Why It’s Important

The enemy of the smart brain is routine, if you always do the same situation, same experience, task, job, connection, etc you will hold your brain growth

We all want to become smarter, especially our brains. Our brain is constantly learning new patterns every day consciously or unconsciously. When we are still babies we have a weak brain because we are still in development age. As we getting older our brain is upgrading and because of new input and experiences.

Our brain is the center of our thinking, if we damaged our brain our thinking ability will be disrupted. In that case, it’s extremely important to take care of our brain and develop it consistently. The role of our brain is very important in our life activities, social, emotional, etc. it’s unwise not to train our brain, because it will impact our lifestyle. Your finances will suffer, your relationship will stale, your habits will bad, etc.

One of the greatest benefits of having a smart brain is, easily solving problems. From logic or emotion, our brain has the ability to solve an easy and complex problem. When you have a new situation in your life such as starting a new business, meeting a new lover, etc, your brain stores those experiences and will read those as new learning experiences. And that’s how our brain works.

When you start a new business, career, job, you will meet a lot of failure experiences. That’s because our brain needs training in those areas. That’s why successful people are those who had a lot of failure experiences. They train their brain to constantly learning, and the result is they become smarter and deserve success.

Do you have a strong area whether it’s your genius or most creative area, I bet you have a lot of experience in that area. If you’re good at drawing, I bet you have lots of drawing results and experiences. Nobody has a great brain if they are not trained in new input. So this leads us in a piece of new knowledge if you’re want to succeed easily then make a lot of experience in those areas.

If you’re having bad habits, it’s because that habit stored in your brain and the longer those habits stick, the stronger your brain becomes good at it. So it’s wise to develop a good habit, such as getting early, become more proactive, be productive, etc. because it will stick in your brain and you will benefit because of those habits. So it’s recommended to install good habits by developing your brain because your brain is your ability to think consciously or unconsciously.

If you want to accelerate your brain growth, you will need to have new experiences every day. A new experience is great for our mind, make new friends, exchange jobs, scale new business, etc. anything if it’s new then it’s good for our brain. That’s why a great traveler has a fresh brain because they have lots of memories from different places. If you love weight training then use a different tool for each training, don’t just do a push-up, but learn to pull up, sit up, back up, etc in your gym. Tell your gymnastics trainer that you need a different set of new weights training.

If you’re an entrepreneur then you’re in a good direction than those people who had a job. A job is a routine task, it won’t help your brain to accelerate growth. Entrepreneurs will be responsible for their decisions. They make a bad decision then their business will b affected. So entrepreneurs will have a more trained brain in their decisive strategy, and they constantly learning in the business world. If you’re having a boss and you don’t like it, then fire your boss and start your own business now.

If you’re introverted and don’t like connecting with people it will hold your brain growth. Please don’t do it to yourself. Do you want a life that’s all is you alone? Will you never have a girlfriend/boyfriend? You need support from good social connections, if you’re still stubborn in your ego that introvert is the best decision, then you need to release those limiting beliefs, such mindset is holding you back from your growth.

One of the best decisions in my life is, I invest a lot in personal growth. In the past I was an introvert, cant connect with other people, shy with the opposite sex, don’t want attention in public, have a job that costume my life, surrounded by an unsupportive social group, can’t do humor, etc. now my life is confident with other people, have a love, easily to attract attention in public, fun and laughable person, have my own business, etc. that all I achieve by investing in personal growth. Personal growth is good for our brain, it’s constantly changing our life by train our brain and get experiences.

So if you have a weakness that you want to change, then accept your weakness and the simple way to change that weakness to become your strength is to get experience in those areas. Your experiences will accumulate in your brain and you will become good at them automatically. Remember they say experience is the best guidance, so it must contain some truth in it.

So now you know the basics of how the human mind works, from here I challenge you to always learn something that makes you surprised every day. If you’re surprised that’s mean you need something to learn from there. If you’re good at something, you will not be surprised because your brain knows what’s going on and your expectations are met.

The enemy of the smart brain is routine, if you always do the same situation, same experience, task, job, connection, etc you will hold your brain growth. And that’s the challenge for our life, always love something new, travel to somewhere that you never explore before, cooking a new meal with a new recipe, Compose a new song, etc.

If newness is something you value, then it will become a habit, and your habit will stick in your brain. So by installing these habits, it will serve your mind, you will become smarter and easily master something including financial abundance.

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