How to be Proactive in Life and Achieve Your Desires

How to be Proactive in Life and Achieve Your Desires

If you’re not proactive then you’re pro passively, that may sound harsh but that’s the truth. So many people let their environment, social, family, friends decide their life. Proactive people however are only 5% world’s total population. They are connected to their desire. Successful people in this world also proactive people, they build their own lifestyle where pro passive people dreaming of.

For example how many billionaires in this world, how many artists, professional athletes, developers, entrepreneurs, etc? The only small number of people in this world achieve a great career in their life. Why does this happen? Why they achieve the life we only dream of? We’ll figure it out in this article.

Most people are only following what social conditions taught them, get school, be graduated, get a job, and slowly waiting for death. Some never dated a lover, some never experience financial abundance, etc. they all just pro passively, let life pass by and gone. If this is your life, Please don’t do it. Life is too beautiful to waste.

Then why some people are proactive are they born with active genetics? What I ex is proactive people they have life mission, they living their values, they know the importance of growing as individuals. Some of them are smart and intelligent. Why waste on life if you’re can achieve the desire that deepest inside you wanted. Do you want to become older full of regret? Or become old with full of beautiful memories that you create.

Regret is an event that not happen, we regret it when something we wanted is not achieved and let the opportunity pass by. Every human being has a regret, but proactive people minimize life regret by becoming the best version of their life. They may not achieve all their desire but they do their best to live. So how can we awaken the proactive person inside ourselves?

Firstly we must have a life purpose, what you want to live for? What do you do at your time even not being paid? What do you fantasize about in your spare time, do you want to experience this or that. List your desire on paper and arrange it from top priority to bottom. Do you really believe you cannot achieve what you’re desire? Realize it’s all just a limiting belief, all goals may not be achieved but become an achiever is a must.

Second, what are your values in life? Somebody may values career over family, some values social over the business, your values are uniquely yours. It’s not somebody else to decide unless you living reactively. List your most important values whether it’s health, career, character, etc. it’s almost impossible to live proactively without knowing our life purpose and values. It’s the core of personal development.

Third, make your environment supportive of yourself, make friends with people who loyal to their values, maybe someone who different, who can make you feel the need to improve. If you surround yourself with an entrepreneur, then it just needs time that their skill will influence you. You will learn from them especially if you have a boss. They will make you want to start your own business.

Fourth, commit yourself to achieve your desire even in small desire. For example, if you value relationships, then tell your feelings to your lover, connect with people that respect you. Commitment is important because people easily slack off. We tend to go with the environment and reactive response. Write in your paper all your desire and achieve them one by one.

Fifth, read a book, listen to audio, watch a video of proactive people. Every day I read a lot about personal growth to learn something, watching videos is important too, there is much great free content on youtube about proactive people. Always learn something new and be open-minded. You can’t grow if you’re living in denial. There are so many great books and audiobooks, devour many of them it will influence your mindset.

Sixth, be willing to become a newbie in something new, always learn something new, travel to a new place, experience new relationships, have a new friend, newness can be an awesome thing. Not only make our brain smarter but it will increase our connection. You can easily get a girlfriend/boyfriend by making new friendships every day.

Seventh, enjoying your journey. Don’t put pressure on yourself make proactive changes naturally. If you’re making effort soon it just needs time to become a habit. Once you develop a proactive character it will naturally stick in your subconscious mind and you will automatically become a proactive person easily. It’s so rewarding to know that weakness becomes our strongest, from pro passive to proactive it will benefit you most for the rest of your life.

Eight set your standard. Clarify what is a must for you and what is tolerated by you. A must value and life purpose is your standard, it cannot be tolerated if you fall below your standard. If you tolerated something that falls below your standard, for example, a friend disrespect you then you must not tolerate them either make them respect your boundaries or ditch them from your life. It’s unwise to keep people disrespectful to yourself and you tolerated them.

Ninth, visualize and imagine what your life would be if you can achieve what your desire and enjoy your lifestyle without regret. Imagine is important because they have an important role to keep your mind know something is important to you. Visual and logic must be balanced, if you’re too logical you can’t feel what’s right, if you’re too visual you will become a victim of circumstances.

Lastly, again perseverance is your tool. Nothing beats perseverance whether someone is genius or not, it’s always he who never gives up who wins. You may fail to be proactive but as you gain experience failing you will become better at it. And it just keeps doing until it automatically wins. Okay, until then stay proactive.

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